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Yuri Seki

Senior Software Developer

Yuri Seki

I work with Internet software development since 1997, having coding in many technologies such as ASP, ASP.NET, C#, CSS/SCSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. Almost a decade ago, I felt in love with the open source world and in the past several years I've been specializing me in Drupal in which I had the opportunity give back some contributed modules like Business Rules and Cielo Integration, I've worked on the development of some amazing websites like UNICEF Voices Of Youth, Abrinq Foundation, Ontario Energy Board, Kroton Educational, and others. I'm pretty glad about the work I've done and looking forward to keep working in other exciting projects.

Work Experiences

Drupal Developer

Digital Echidna | 2018 - Present

Drupal developer. Backend development and site building, Apache Solr search implementation and optimization, system suitability to EU Compliance General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and best practices and vulnerabilities fixes according to Micro Focus International audit result.

Drupal Developer

With Pulp | 2019 - Present

Drupal developer. Maintenance and new functionalities development of the following ongoing projects, including APIs with Democracy Engine and Vue UI.

Drupal Developer

Plus-IT | 2018 - 2019

Drupal main developer. Full stack, backend development and site building, Apache Solr optimization, API development, theme development, and training clients on Drupal.

Technical Consultant

Technical Consultant for business prospecting and project implementation, analysis and improvement of the client incident workflow management, customization of the proprietary software for Operational Risk Reduction (Sphera Impact), and training clients in using the software.

System Analyst

Petrobras | 2002 - 2013

Development and leading a team responsible for specification and development of Environmental, Health and Safety system on Petrobras. This system is used for legal compliance, risk reduction, ergonomic compliance, and quantification of atmospheric and water emissions.


Drupal Business Rules

The Business Rules module allows the site administrator to define conditional actions execution based on events. It's a very large and complex module that's extendable using plugins, and each event based action can utilize content, views, and variables.

Drupal Cielo Integration

The Cielo integration module provides a REST API integration with the biggest Brazilian credit-card adminstration company, that allows the site visitor to make payments and the site administrator to consult and charge back payments.

Drupal OwlCarousel2

The OwlCarousel2 module integrates the ubiquitous JavaScript library with the same name allowing the site administrator to create complex carousels using views, images, Youtube videos, content or it's own fields.